Remote Desktop Comparison | VNC vs RDP vs LogMeIn

Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

Remote Desktop, also known as RDP(remote desktop protocol) is usually faster than the others. Since the computer is remote controlled does not actually have to render the graphics on its own screen. Basically, this is working on a session or a “virtual” desktop on a remote computer. The disadvantage is that it only works with certain versions of windows. Also if you are trying to assist someone remotely, they can not see what you are doing. if that is indeed what you want.

Enable Blank Password | Windows Remote Desktop Connection Without Password

Enable blank password on Windows Remote Desktop Connection is possible to do. Have you ever facing a problem remote desktop can’t connect because of credentials? Your Windows computer has no password, but Remote Desktop force you to type a password. There are some error will appear when the blank password setting is disabled. You will get a message “Your credentials did not work”. The other message is  “Unable to log you on because of an account restriction”. Or maybe “An authentication error has occurred. The Local Security Authority cannot be contacted Remote Computer: xxxxx”. This problem is very annoying when you want to remote in a hurry.

The Advantages of Remote Desktop Software


The few technicians are also able to proffer more as they save time. Which would have otherwise be spent moving from one office to another. High costs of maintaining an IT department may hinder an organization from accessing quality services. A large IT department housed in an organization’s premises may add to the expense of acquiring extra office space. The remote management software can consolidate the services provided by the IT department to tasks that can be managed by a lesser workforce cutting on the salaries expense. A centralized work station reduces the office space required. In some cases, the IT administrator can service a computer without interrupting the computer user. The server can also access the details of all operations that led to the crash. This helps him to trace the possible source of the problem easily for timely repairs.