Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac

Microsoft Remote desktop for Mac is remote desktop connection tools for Mac. You can read on How to use remote desktop to connect to a Windows 10 PC if you want to remote through Windows Based OS. Microsoft Remote Desktop software allows you to make a remote desktop to a Windows OS through a Mac Os Device. So if you want to control your Windows Based PC/Server remotely with a Macbook, this software is the best. This software is run smoothly on a Mac device. The advantages of this software are easy to use. You don’t need any other programs or requirements to run this software.

Microsoft Remote Desktop
Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop Versions

When we write this article. the latest version available is  Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 client. On this latest version, Microsoft gives an update on previous problems. That is Fixed a hang that occurred when connecting via an RD Gateway. Added a privacy notice to the “Add Feed” dialog. The previous versions aren’t available on the App Store. So if you want to download old versions, you have to search for an alternative download website.

Software Information

  • Seller: Microsoft Corporation
  • Size: 18.7 MB
  • Category; Business
  • Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor
  • Languages: English
  • Age: Rating Rated 4+
  • Copyright © 2017 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
  • Price: Free

If you want to download Microsoft Remote Desktop Client version 10. You can go to the official apps store by following this link.

How to Create a Remote Desktop Connection

To create a connection to a Windows based PC/Server, you have to get some information about your Windows PC. The first information is your PC domain name or IP address (local or public IP Adress). The second is PC credentials consist of Username and Passwords. If you have all of them, then you can create a remote desktop connection. Below is step by step to create a remote desktop connection from Mac Os.

  1. From the Spotlight Search or Apps, open Microsoft Remote Desktop.
  2. On the Top menu click on the + button. There will appear a new Form.
  3. Fill in Connection Name. Try to create the name clearly so you can identify your Remote PC Correctly.
  4. Fill in your PC Name or IP Address. If you are on the local network, use Local IP Address. But if you on the Internet, use the Public IP Address.
  5. Choose a gateway of your connections. Leave it to default if you’re not using a gateway.
  6. Type your Credentials Username and Password.
  7. There is some option you can choose, that is Resolution, Colors, Fullscreen Mode.
  8. Close form if all required information is filled.
  9. To start a remote desktop session, press Control + Click on your connection name given in step 3.
  10. Press Start.
  11. Remote Desktop Session will start soon.
  12. Finish
Microsoft Remote Desktop
Remote Desktop Connections

Manage Multiple Connections

On Microsoft Remote Desktop Client, you can create multiple connections. So if you want to connect  2 or more workstation just add a new connection by click on the button on the top menu. This feature is so helpful for a system administrator or the person who manage more than 1 workstation. Wherever you are, you can manage your computer client fast and secure.

Remote Desktop Connection Manager | Official | What is?

Remote Desktop Connection Manager

Remote Desktop Connection Manager is a tool to manage multiple connection/session. This tools used by IT experts to perform remote job handling. You can read on how to use remote desktop to connect to a windows 10 pc. A lot of configuration related tasks on several servers and workstations. With the use of the manager, you can do all of these workloads by remote setting. Instead of physically moving closer to the machine itself. Moreover, a connection manager does not make use of a third party tool such as that of VNC.

Remote Desktop Connection Manager
Remote Desktop Connection Manager

Furthermore, a connection manager is a mechanism that is already inherent to Windows systems. Therefore the connection manager is something that doesn’t need any cost at all. The best thing about a connection manager is having advantageous features that are user-friendly. First of all, you can easily arrange or configure an RDP connection manager. Second, Terminal Services is connecting to the RD Manager. As far as the configuration of the RD connection manager, you only need to click the mouse to be able to so the process of configuration.


Speaking of the security capability of a connection manager. You don’t have to worry about anything because a remote desktop connection manager is very much protected and secured.  In the latest Windows versions, a connection manager can be utilized conveniently to links known as WAN. This is done by an RD connection manager by the deployment of a regular-TS- based encryption or connecting it to the Terminal Server Gateway by using SSL.

What exactly is the tool that is being used by a connection manager you do all these incredible configuration systems on a remote process? Well, a connection manager employs the built-in RDC client known as the mstc.exe. The mstc.exe RDC Client defaults to most Windows versions.

In addition to this, if you need to make some updates of the main component of your connection manager. This is already easily available to you through Windows Update.  On the contrary, the msts.exe has a limited capability in terms of its connection power. When there is a necessity for you to connect many machines to the mstc.exe.

For instance, to enable the user to remember the appropriate and essential credentials and settings of several computers, he should devise many shortcuts to mstc.exe for each connection that you have made.  Likewise, each of the connection must have its own individual settings, too.  Therefore, it is somewhat a tedious process.


If you wish to get the connection manager, all you have to do is to enter the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager. Currently, the latest version of the connection manager is version 2.7. Actually, the 2.7 version of the remote desktop connection manager is really very cool and superb in its performance.

The easy management of server labs using the RD connection manager or otherwise known as the RDCMan. That need to be accessed on a regular basis. To get the latest version of RD Connection Manager just follows below links :

4 Best Remote Desktop Tools

Managing your PC when you are away or assisting your colleagues or friends to solve problems related to PC can do through the Remote Desktop Connection apps. With Remote Control software for PC, you can control another PC without even physically present to operate it. The Remote Desktop Utility software programs can help you to monitor another PC remotely.

Remote Desktop Connection Tools

There are many Remote Desktop Connection software programs, which will assist you to Remotely Connect and use the other PC over the Internet connection. In this post, I am sharing some of the best Remote Desktop Connection tools for Remotely using other computers.

TeamViewer is the top Remote Desktop Connection software program. It is free if you want to use it for personal use. The TeamViewer is available to use on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux.  With TeamViewer, Users can chat through the Chatbox, Upload files to each others PC, and Support to connect from Smartphones.

Also, with TeamViewer, users can create team meetings and collaborations, where the multiple users can connect to the single host or share the sessions with each other if they want. With TeamViewer, users can chat with others via voice calling method. Once connected, the user has to enable the microphone to able to do a voice chat with the connected user.

The Chrome Remote Desktop is the easy and Free Remote Desktop Manager Software. This Tool is free for all, i.e., for Personal and Business use.  It’s a Chrome App, which you have to install in the Chrome Browser. Once installed, the Chrome Remote Desktop app can help you to connect to the other PC, which has the same app installed. Also, in both computers, user have to use Chrome browser, in which you’ve logged in with the Gmail account.

This Chrome Remote Desktop app is not so useful if you are looking for the features like File Transfer, LAN Wakeup, Streaming, and others. But, if you love simplicity, then it is perfect for you.

you are on Windows Operating System, then you can make use of the inbuilt Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection. With Windows Remote Desktop Connection, you can connect to another Windows PC. Using Windows Remote Desktop Connection tool to control PC’s on the LAN is easier than any third-party app.

With Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection tool, you can connect and Control the two PC’s, Troubleshoot and work with files and programs of the connected device. It is only available on Windows platform.

If you are looking for good Remote Desktop Connection tool, then Splashtop can fulfill your requirements. The Splashtop is available on Windows, iOS and MacOS. It is free for your personal use on maximum five computers each time. The Best feature of Splashtop is it lets you stream videos over LAN with minimum latency. So, you can watch the favorite movie from Remote Desktop Connection.

With Splashtop, you can control other computers, Manage and use the native applications, Change settings and transfer files from other PC. It is useful for you if you want more features than simple remote control.