Remote Desktop Connection on High DPI Screens (Avoid Tiny Display)

How to create a remote desktop connection on High DPI Screens and get the normal display. There is some problem when we use High DPI Screens Devices. Such as Surface Pro or Lenovo Yoga to create a remote desktop session. The problem is the display is crazy small. That is because high DPI screen device uses 150% scaling for it’s local Windows display. But this is not the default for the remote machines. There is some method to solve the problem.

  1. Check your remote desktop client version. Read on how to check your RDP Client Version make sure you have the latest version of RDP Client.
  2. Change the DPI Zooming Setting. You can use a third party app to do this task. Read it here.
  3. Use Remote Desktop Manager Software. This software allows you to create a remote desktop session with advanced settings.
Surface Pro
Surface Pro

Remote Desktop Connection Manager

This is a souped-up version of the Windows RDP client, apparently intended for people switching between many different servers. It displays a tree of servers on a panel to the left of the screen and displays the desktop of the remote machine on the rest of the screen. With the right settings, you can get it to display a sane sized desktop on a high DPI screen.