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Remote Desktop Connection Manager

Remote Desktop Connection Manager is a tool to manage multiple connection/session. This tools used by IT experts to perform remote job handling. You can read on how to use remote desktop to connect to a windows 10 pc. A lot of configuration related tasks on several servers and workstations. With the use of the manager, you can do all of these workloads by remote setting. Instead of physically moving closer to the machine itself. Moreover, a connection manager does not make use of a third party tool such as that of VNC.

Remote Desktop Connection Manager
Remote Desktop Connection Manager

Furthermore, a connection manager is a mechanism that is already inherent to Windows systems. Therefore the connection manager is something that doesn’t need any cost at all. The best thing about a connection manager is having advantageous features that are user-friendly. First of all, you can easily arrange or configure an RDP connection manager. Second, Terminal Services is connecting to the RD Manager. As far as the configuration of the RD connection manager, you only need to click the mouse to be able to so the process of configuration.


Speaking of the security capability of a connection manager. You don’t have to worry about anything because a remote desktop connection manager is very much protected and secured.  In the latest Windows versions, a connection manager can be utilized conveniently to links known as WAN. This is done by an RD connection manager by the deployment of a regular-TS- based encryption or connecting it to the Terminal Server Gateway by using SSL.

What exactly is the tool that is being used by a connection manager you do all these incredible configuration systems on a remote process? Well, a connection manager employs the built-in RDC client known as the mstc.exe. The mstc.exe RDC Client defaults to most Windows versions.

In addition to this, if you need to make some updates of the main component of your connection manager. This is already easily available to you through Windows Update.  On the contrary, the msts.exe has a limited capability in terms of its connection power. When there is a necessity for you to connect many machines to the mstc.exe.

For instance, to enable the user to remember the appropriate and essential credentials and settings of several computers, he should devise many shortcuts to mstc.exe for each connection that you have made.  Likewise, each of the connection must have its own individual settings, too.  Therefore, it is somewhat a tedious process.


If you wish to get the connection manager, all you have to do is to enter the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager. Currently, the latest version of the connection manager is version 2.7. Actually, the 2.7 version of the remote desktop connection manager is really very cool and superb in its performance.

The easy management of server labs using the RD connection manager or otherwise known as the RDCMan. That need to be accessed on a regular basis. To get the latest version of RD Connection Manager just follows below links :