Remote Desktop Shortcuts the Secret Key

Remote Desktop Connection Shortcuts

  • Ctrl+Alt+Plus :

This shortcut helps you to take a screenshot of the Remote Desktop. Well, it may be a mystery for the new user to take a screenshot of Remote PC while using it from Local PC. But, using this option will help you to capture the screenshot of the “Remote Desktop” which you are using.

  • Ctrl+Alt+Minus :

This shortcut helps you to capture the screenshot, but only of selected Window. Sometimes you don’t want to take screenshots of a full desktop, so this keyboard shortcut will help you to capture the image of selected window in Remote Desktop Connection.

  • Alt+ Home :

If you want to access the start menu on the remote system, then you should try “Alt+Home” keyboard shortcuts. This will help you to access Start Menu quickly on Remote Desktop.

  • Alt+Delete :

This Keyboard Shortcut in Remote Desktop Connection helps you to access the Windows Menu in Remote Desktop. The Windows Menu is located on the top Left corner, with which you can Minimize, Maximize, resize and close the windows.

  • Ctrl+Alt+Break :

Sometimes, you feel to make your Remote PC full screen. But how to do that? Just try this Keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+Alt+Break”. This keyboard shortcut will make the Window in Remote PC go fullscreen, making you work with full-screen experience.

  • Alt+Insert :

When you want to go quickly through the running programs and windows, you can use this option. This option will help you to get a quick look at the programs running on Remote PC. With “Alt+Tab“, you can do the same in Local PC.

  • Alt+PageDown :

This is the same as “Alt+Insert” Shortcut, but it works backward. With This shortcut, you can quickly roll through the running apps in remote PC, but in backward. Means, it will scroll through programs from Right to Left, instead Left to Right.

  •  Alt+PageUp :

Again, this shortcut almost has the same function as above two shortcuts. With this shortcut, you can select and change between running apps on Remote Pc with Windows App Drawer.

  • Ctrl+Alt+End :

The Most confusing thing to do in Remote PC’s is to open up the “Ctrl+Alt+Delete”. This keyboard shortcut is the most important shortcut for Windows PC and most confusing to access when on remote PC. But, with “Ctrl+Alt+End”, you can access the task manager, Sign Out, Switch off and Restart the PC.

Conclusion :

So, these were some of the most interesting Keyboard shortcuts for  Remote Desktop Connections. Here, you’ll be using another PC on your Local PC, which makes it quite difficult to handle using shortcuts you use on standard PC. So, these Keyboard Shortcuts for Remote PC’s will help you to access all functions quickly.