TeamViewer | Best Windows Remote Desktop Alternatives

TeamViewer is the best alternatives for Windows Remote Desktop Connection. This app has some awesome features. The first best is the ability to create an account and save a list of client addresses. This for quick access without needing to ask for IDs. The list can be accessed from any TeamViewer instance and it’s also available in the Flash-based web application and also a newer addition.



The next features are the messaging system. That supports conferencing with more than two users. This is a great way to provide instructions to several people at once. You can also send messages to other TeamViewer users with a partner account. The best parts are you can send messages even when they’re offline. TeamViewer also now pops up notifications when a contact becomes accessible. It’s extremely useful for keeping tabs on remote systems that you’re waiting to complete a reboot.

There’s also a new dual-password feature. Lost the permanent password to a partner? No problem. TeamViewer automatically generates a session password for installed hosts just like it does for quick support connections.

How to Use Teamviewer

  1. You have to install TeamViewer both on your computer and your remote target computer.
  2. Get the target Teamviewer ID and Password.
  3. Make sure your target computer is up and not in sleep mode.
  4. Open Teamviewer on your computer
  5. Type target ID and Password
  6. Click on connect button
  7. You can access your target computer now



  1. The simple method to the remote desktop.
  2. Double display on your computer and remote computer.
  3. Sharing a file in easy and fast.
  4. Support messaging system (help on providing assistance to people).


  1. The other system has to be active and available for you to access it.
  2. If the system goes into sleep mode you will not be able to access it. To avoid this, you can go to change the sleep option in the system setting to “never”.
  3. If any case the system is being used remotely then you will not able to access it through team viewer.
  4. cant share huge files.

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